Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido weapons



Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Weapons

The wooden and metal weapons in Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido

With the 10th and 9th kyu, there is no training, only instruction with the traditional weapons of the samurai. This only begins with the attainment of the 8th kyu. The focus of weapon training in Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido is on the handling of the Japanese samurai sword “Katana”, which is taught from the beginning with the “Bokken” (wooden sword). However, the aim is to practise the use of the two swords “Wakizashi” (also Kodachi = short sword) and “Katana” (also = Dachi long sword), as Miyamoto Musashi once did. Training in the use of other traditional Japanese wooden or metal weapons (Tanbo, Nitanbo, Bo, Jo, Jitte, Tanto, Yari, Naginata, Shuriken and Tessen) is covered in the sequence listed above for each belt grade up to and including the 2nd Dan grade, in addition to the Japanese sword. With the 3rd and 4th Dan, special weapons are then available for selection, one of which can be chosen to be shown at the following belt examination. The Japanese archery Kyudo is also a popular choice.

Overview of the additional weapons that can be learnt:

  • 8th kyu = Tanbo (short stick)
  • 7th kyu = Nitanbo (2 short sticks)
  • 6th kyu = Jo (middle stick)
  • 5th kyu = Bo (long stick)
  • 4th kyu = jitte (sword breaker)
  • 3rd Kyu = Tanto (knife)
  • 2nd kyu = yari (spear lance)
  • 1st kyu = naginata (sword lance)
  • 1st Dan = Shuriken (throwing weapons)
  • 2nd Dan = Tessen (iron fan)
  • 3rd Dan = free choice
  • 4th Dan = free choice
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