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Christian Wiederanders

Managing Director and Head of Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido

Christian Wiederanders, born in Speyer (Germany) in 1972, has been actively practising Japanese martial arts in particular since 1977 and has since studied the teachings of Miyamoto Musashi, his Niten-Ichi-Ryu-Kenjutsu (two-sword school) and the teachings of Gorin-No-Sho (5 elements: earth, water, fire, wind and emptiness) in particular.

Over the years, he also had contact with other old styles such as Daito-Ryu-Aikijujutsu, Enmei-Ryu-Kenjutsu, Katori-Shinto-Ryu-Kenjutsu, Shindo-Muso-Ryu-Jojutsu, Yagyu-Shingan-Ryu, Sanada-Ryu-Shinobijutsu, Koga-Ryu-Shinobijutsu, Itatsu-Ryu-Hojojutsu. Modern styles include Judo, Ju-Jutsu, Aikido (various styles), Nippon-Jiu-Jitsu, Goju-Kai-Ryu-Karate-Do, Kyokushinkai-Ryu-Karate-Do, Jeet Kune Do, Taekwondo, Boxing, Tai-Boxing.

NOTE: This website is still being fully translated into English. Until then, most of the descriptions are in German only

The path to Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido

As the teachings of Miyamoto Musashi consisted of more than just the Niten-Ichi-Ryu-Kenjutsu (two-sword school) and there were repeated copyright disputes and different groupings of the style, Christian Wiederanders developed today’s “Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido” (the way of the warrior according to the style of the dragon) for over 30 years from 1987 in parallel to his training.

In doing so, he paid attention to the preservation of the Koryu system “Niten-Ichi-Ryu” in its kata forms (movement sequences), as well as to the dynamic, free practice of the techniques under the aspects of Gorin-No-Sho (written by Miyamoto Musashi) and the book “Wind”, in order to incorporate further techniques of other styles into the martial art and to look beyond his own nose. Miyamoto Musashi is also said to have been a good fighter in unarmed combat.

The style is said to be similar to Daito-Ryu-Jujutsu (today’s Daito-Ryu-Aikijujutsu). This also applies to applications that are used for self-defence today. This is the idea behind Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido.


Grand Master

Christian Wiederanders

Saiko-Shihan, 7. Dan

numerous recognised certifications:

Certified trainer since 1994; DOSB trainer certificate; DOSB club manager B; DOSB youth leader licence; DOSB trainer B sport in prevention (health training for children, stress management and relaxation, posture and movement system, adults/elderly and cardiovascular system); burnout & stress coach; nutritionist A-Licence Plus; ASG fitness trainer C; WIP-Fitnesstrainer-A+B-Personal-Trainer; WIP Fachpraktikerin Massage-Wellness-Präventionin; CTAA Meditationspraktikerin & Lehrer; IHK-Train the trainer, trainer certificate and project manager; Nicht-mit-mir Kursleiter; Referent DOSB, VHS, Sport-Pro-Gesundheit; Fachkraft/Trainer Gewaltprävention A; Gewalt- und Kinderschutzbeauftragter ; Ausbildungsleiter Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido –PROFIL DE >>>

Christian Wiederanders and Jean-Claude Van Damme

Christian Wiederanders with new co-operations in Sri Lanka

Christian Wiederanders in Kenya in 2022 and new schools

Instructor Budo-Camp in Sri Lanka 2006

Contacts to Japan for clothing and weapons

Tour guide for group trip to Japan 2010

Training and demonstration 1990 in Kenya

Training and demonstration 1990 in Kenya

Christian Wiederanders

Teaching experience and other professional and interdisciplinary experience

The first training session took place in Limburgerhof on 4 April 1987 with a small group of 8 people. Christian Wiederanders and the members founded the first club in Limburgerhof in 1991, where he is still on the board today. In 1990, he travelled to Kenya for an extended period of time to try out other martial arts in addition to holidays and safaris in order to bring Tatsu-Ryu Bushido closer to other styles. Together with a karate school, he also accompanied a demonstration team that enriched the evening programmes of various hotels with their demonstrations.

After vocational training as a fusion welder at BASF, he enlisted in the German Armed Forces in 1993 for 12 years, where he found his place in the air force and attained the rank of sergeant major. In addition to his military training during this time, Christian Wiederanders realised that there is more to being an instructor and leader than just training in martial arts or a profession. He used this time to gain important experience and qualifications with regard to “Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido”.

This enabled him to incorporate good didactics and methodology in combination with his skills in sport, management and IT into the training and club structures. In 1995 he was certified in REFA management. In 1996, he was one of the first participants to take the opportunity to be trained and certified as a DOSB C trainer at the Bundeswehr Olympic Training Centre in Warendorf. In 1996, Christian Wiederanders successfully passed the examination for the second apprenticeship certificate as an office administrator and was also deployed in the Bundeswehr as an IT officer.

From 1996 to 2005, he was employed as a sports instructor in the German Armed Forces and attended several further training courses at the Bundeswehr’s Olympic training centre during this time. During this period, he passed the German Sports Badge 10 times, received the golden marksman’s ribbon and the gold performance badge.

In 2003, Christian Wiederanders passed the IHK trainer certificate examination and in 2012 the IHK project manager examination. At the beginning of 2013, he developed the course concept “Up to here and no further” and in the same year he also obtained the course instructor licence “Nicht-mit-mir Schütz Dich vor Gewalt”. In 2014, Christian Wiederanders obtained the IHK “Train the Trainer” certificate and thus combined this with the DOSB trainer certificate from 2011.


Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Time in the German Air Force 1993-2005

Christian Wiederanders

Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido on the national and international stage

When further clubs and schools were added in 1998, he decided to found an umbrella organisation at voluntary club level, which is now known as “Deutsche Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Kai e.V.”.

Since then, Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido has been offered in five federal states in Germany (Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria). The schools that have been founded include locations such as Wilhelmshaven (2010), Cologne (2004), Limburgerhof (1987), Bad Dürkheim (1998), Ludwigshafen (1999), Haßloch (2003), Germersheim (2003), Waldsee (2012), Karlsruhe (2001), Heidelberg (2002), Ettlingen (2003), Mannheim (2007), Schwetzingen (2008), Waldbronn (2009) and Beindersheim (2019).

In 2003, he published the first training and examination programme in booklet form and from 2005, he represented this martial art nationally and internationally. In the course of this, he gave lectures in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Gran Canaria, Turkey, Greece and Belgium. He used this opportunity to continue his training in modern self-defence systems in order to incorporate new aspects into the martial art in the future.

On 18 March 2007, after 20 years of “Tako-Ryu-Bushido”, he founded the “World Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Kai” in Kyoto (Japan) and has represented this association as president ever since. Christian Wiederanders has been organising historical and cultural trips to Japan for groups from all over Germany since 2008. In 2011, he joined the Dojo Gran Canaria, to which he regularly travels as a board member to organise training and further education courses. He has also been organising family holiday trips since 2011.


PICTURE: Visit to the samurai exhibition in Speyer on 1 July 2008. from left: Keiko Yoshida, Grand Master of the Tea Ceremony; Mart van Iersel; Atsuyoshi Takahashi (presented exhibits to the museum), 68th generation and head of the Sho sho ryu family; Mark Sterke, 9th Dan Shin Tai Ryu, Christian Wiederanders (member of the Historical Society), 7th Dan Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido.

Sri Lanka 2023 with Dr. Renil Fernanto, Muay Thai & MMA

Sri Lanka 2023 with Nilantha Wickramagalle, Karate

Sri Lanka 2023 with Guru Athula Nandana, Angampora

Sri Lanka 2023 with Peter Perera, Karate

Sri Lanka 2023 with Kaushalya Nirmana, MMA Fighter


Kenia 2022 with Anderson Katana,  Karate

Kenia 2022 with Zablon Masha, Judo & Karate

Sri Lanka 2006 with Nimal Fernando, Taekwondo

Switzerland 2007  with Goshi Yamaguchi, Gojukai-Karate


Switzerland 2007  with Shigeki Yamada, Gojukai-Karate


Training 2022 in Kenia

Donation campaign Sri Lanka

Sports club 2020 with Christian Wiederanders

Christian Wiederanders has been lecturing at the Sportbund since 2009

Training and further education - here not-with-me instructors

Christian Wiederanders in exchange with Japanese masters

Christian Wiederanders

Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) as the most important basis for working as a speaker, trainer, club manager and nutritionist

After gaining his basic trainer C licence in 1996, Christian Wiederanders has been regularly taking part in certification measures run by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) since 2006 and successfully completed the trainer B licence for sport in prevention – health training for children (2006), youth leader licence (2008), club manager C (2009), club manager B (2010), child protection officer (2019), trainer B sport in prevention – posture and movement, as well as stress management and relaxation (2020), trainer B sport in prevention – cardiovascular system and profile for older people (2021).

Between 2003 and 2014, he also attended certifications at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) as an IHK trainer of trainers (2003), IHK project manager (2012) and IHK train the trainer (2014).

At the end of 2011, following a further training programme, he was awarded the DOSB trainer certificate, the highest trainer status, which also means that he can train cross-sport trainers and instructors. He is therefore 10 times DOSB-certified. Since 2009, Christian Wiederanders’ experience has also been used by the Sportbund-Pfalz and the Sportjugend-Pfalz, as well as the VHS and Sportjugend Rheinland-Pfalz for the implementation of recognised further education courses. He also advises clubs on marketing and change management.

In the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021, Christian Wiederanders took advantage of the online opportunity to further his education with over 200 learning units. He obtained certification as a fitness trainer C from the Academy for Sport and Health (ASG) and a fitness trainer A, B and personal trainer licence from Wellness In Perfection (WIP). Certification as a meditation practitioner/teacher followed in December 2021.

In the first half of 2022, the BlazePods – FRX Trainer, Nutrition Consultant Nutrition Coach and the EU Drone Driving Licences A1-A3, A2 will follow. In August 2022, after 10 months of training and further education, the certification as a certified nutritionist A was completed. This also included: nutrition consultant C+B; consultant for vegan and vegetarian nutrition; consultant for ketogenic diets; consultant for paleo nutrition; consultant for Ayurvedic nutrition; diet and food combining consultant and acid-base consultant (detox coach)

This was followed in 2023 by further training as a violence protection officer in the sports club and certification as a burnout and stress coach.

He can now integrate this experience into the Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido trainer training and further education programme within the association.


Recognition for personal commitment to sport

From 1987 to 2021, he not only imparted his knowledge on a voluntary basis, but also held several offices on a voluntary basis. He is held in high esteem and respect by many national and international martial arts masters, associations, clubs and authorities due to his helpfulness and reserved manner, as well as his goal of preserving traditional values.

The German Medical Association, for example, awarded Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido the “Sport Pro Health” seal of quality and confirmed that this sports programme is “tested and recommended”. The German Sports Federation also recognised this and awarded him the “bronze badge of honour” for his services to sport in 2009 and the “silver badge of honour” in 2014. Due to his active work at Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Dojo Limburgerhof, he and the club were awarded the “Child and Youth-Friendly Sports Club” seal of approval.

In 2012, Christian Wiederanders was honoured with the title Musha by Soke Mark Sterke in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Musha shugyō is an expression for a kind of pilgrimage of the samurai warriors in Japan. The concept is similar to the travelling knighthood in feudal Europe. The warrior – in this case called shugyōsha – travels through the country in an endeavour to improve his own skills and arts (usually in the sword arts). Masterless samurai (ronin) sometimes also tried to gain permanent employment with a lord (daimyo) by making an impression on important people or simply increasing their fame. Possible activities during the Musha shugyō included training with other schools, duels, personal protection and mercenary duties.

In 2017, Christian Wiederanders was awarded the “German Standard Prevention” seal of quality, which is recognised by health insurance companies. In 2020, Christian Wiederanders was also awarded the “Golden Mask” across all associations for his commitment during coronavirus and numerous online training sessions. In July 2021, he and two other Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido coaches received the Iron Sportsman Award.

Christian Wiederanders has now participated in over 10 virtual runs and even in the Guinness Book of Records world record on 19 September 2021, where thousands of people worldwide came together to make history with the world record for the most virtual 10 km runs within 24 hours. This run was officially certified by the Guinness Book of Records!


Burnout & Stress Coach


Ernährungsberater A-Lizenz

Ernährungsberater A-Lizenz

DOSB Vereinsmanager C+B-Lizenz

Ernährungsberater Nutrition Coach

Meditationspraktikerin / Lehrer

Fitnesstrainer A+B

Fitnesstrainer A+B

Fachpraktikerin Massage. Wellness & Prävention

Fachpraktikerin Massage. Wellness & Prävention

Fitnesstrainer C

DOSB Übungsleiter B Prävention "Stressbewältigung & Entspannung"

EU-Drohnenführerscheine A1-A3; A2

DOSB Ausbilderzertifikat

DOSB Ausbilderzertifikat

DOSB Übungsleiter B Prävention "Gesundheitstraining Kinder"

DOSB Übungsleiter B Prävention "Haltung & Bewegung"


DOSB Übungsleiter B Prävention "Herz & Kreislaufsystem"

DOSB Übungsleiter B Prävention "Ältere"

IHK Train the trainer

IHK Projektmanager

IHK Ausbilderzertifikat

Nicht-mit-mir Kursleiter


BlazePods - FRX Trainer


Markus Merk with Christian Wiederanders

Awarded the silver badge of honour

Honoured by the Dietmar Hopp Foundation

Golden mask for Christian Wiederanders

Several sports youth awards

International recognition of Christian Wiederanders

Christian Wiederanders

Awards and appointments

  • Guinness Book of Records- Virtual Runners (2021)
  • Iron Sportsmann Awards – For the deserved commitment to martial arts (2021)
  • Golden Mask for commitment during Corona (2020)
  • Silver badge of honour, Sportbund-Pfalz DOSB (2014)
  • Musha certificate (accepted in the circle of samurai by Soke Mark Sterke, 9th Dan (2012)
  • 8th Dan (Asashi Ryu Ju-Jutsu) from Soke Ernest Debrun (Belgium), 10th Dan (2010)
  • Bronze badge of honour, Sportbund-Pfalz DOSB (2009)
  • Lifetime Membership Jiu Jitsu International from Soke Richard Morris (England), 10th Dan (2006)
  • Board of Director Life Member Yawara Ryu Aiki-Ju-Jutsu Kai by Siegfried Boedeker, 10th Dan (2003)
  • 7th Dan (Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido) and title Shihan recognised by MAA (2002)


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