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Uniqueness, individuality and high quality

Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido is a holistic movement concept and is based on the historical teachings of the Japanese samurai, which we have harmonised with modern psychomotor approaches. Individual body awareness is encouraged through varied movement experiences.

Our philosophy is based on the realisation that movement is closely linked to psychological processes and initiates learning processes in children through their own actions, for example. The concept is characterised by its unmistakable uniqueness and individuality based on numerous movement programmes over three decades and the experience gained from them. The design of our logo expresses this as follows:

The dragon stands for movement and flexibility in a real world. In other words, the environment of a person in which the strength of the body in its physical state, the mind as a thinking consciousness and the soul as the psychic totality of what constitutes feeling, sensation and thinking form a unity. At the same time, the dragon is a symbol for development-promoting movement processes for children and adults into old age.

In our modern movement concept, the character in the dragon “Bushido – The Way of the Warrior” stands for the development of positive social skills and a good, exemplary personality, as described by the virtues of the samurai.

The idealised code of conduct consists of seven virtues:

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  1. Gi – sincerity, justice, righteousness
  2. Yu – Courage
  3. Jin – humanity
  4. Rei – observance of norms, politeness
  5. Makoto/Shin – truth, truthfulness, genuineness
  6. Meiyo – Consciousness of honour
  7. Chungi/Chu – loyalty, sense of duty, faithfulness

The cherry blossom symbolises beauty and the pursuit of perfection, but without the compulsion to achieve it. A cherry blossom has a very short lifespan, during which it shines in full splendour before it fades. The blossoming and falling of the cherry blossom symbolises the student, who learns for his life through this eventful and moving process. Therefore, a student should always present himself in the blossom of his life, regardless of his age and physical condition. In this respect, the title sequence is symbolised by an increasing number of cherry blossoms above the logo.

The five Japanese characters earth, water, fire, wind and emptiness symbolise adaptability and development. Accordingly, the individual strengths of a person are combined and harmonised with a clear reference to nature.

Numerous attempts to copy our concept in order to utilise it commercially have unfortunately prompted us to acquire legal copy protection. Because everyone should be able to participate equally in Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido, regardless of status and income.


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