Trial membership in Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido | Probemitgliedschaft in deutsch

Free trial lesson & trial membership

including free Generali insurance card for up to 4 weeks trial training!!!

Probetraining kurz erklärt (PDF) | Trial training explained in brief (PDF) | شرح التدريب التجريبي بإيجاز

Detailed information, tips and answers can be found at the bottom of this page!

Application - free trial membership - participants:

| How do you know us? | كيف تعرفنا؟

| Offer utilisation| استخدام العرض

| I accept all rules | أقبل جميع القواعد

13 + 11 =

Wir versuchen in diesem Zeitraum mindestens zwei Probetrainings mit Dir durchzuführen. Einen Mindestanspruchs von Trainings besteht aber nicht!

We will try to organise at least two trial training sessions with you during this period. However, there is no minimum requirement for training sessions!

سنحاول تنظيم جلستين تدريبيتين تجريبيتين على الأقل معك خلال هذه الفترة. ومع ذلك، لا يوجد حد أدنى للجلسات التدريبية!

ما هو تاتسو-ريو-بوشيدو


සමුරායිවරුන්ගේ අඩිපාරේ


Katika nyayo za samurai

Welcome to TATSU-RYU-BUSHIDO! Old paths – rediscover them

Details of the free trial lesson & trial membership

Get to know TATSU-RYU-BUSHIDO with a trial membership (taster card) for one calendar month, or up to four weeks, without obligation and insured. As an alternative, e.g. for health insurance companies, we offer 10 course cards. Click here to go directly to “Become a member”

When we are online in person, you are welcome to use the TRB-LIVE-CHAT for questions!


Dear participants, dear parents,

We have tried for many years to summarise the most important questions about martial arts and membership here. We would be pleased if you would read through these beforehand and only address specific questions to our trainers. This will relieve us enormously if we do not have to explain basic questions that are answered here again to every parent. The focus should be on the training (:

Our Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido clubs and Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Online offer anyone interested the opportunity to try out the Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido courses, whether face-to-face, online or hybrid training, as often as possible within one calendar month or up to four weeks, without obligation and at no cost.

Please note: Trial membership (taster card) is generally only possible in the same calendar month! As an exception, you can also start within one month and then test up to 4 weeks (until the last day of the trial month). Please clarify this in advance, or add a note in the comment field.

Our team of trainers will organise one or two trial training sessions for those interested. In addition, you can train in the respective groups during the selected period and see if you like it!

However, we recommend starting at the beginning of the month if possible. The good thing is that you are insured for this period even without membership. Our certified and certified trainers are always available to answer questions on site and will also find an individual trial time if you want to join later.

In order to ensure the smoothest possible training programme for the children, we ask parents to only be present on the first training day of the calendar month! (is between the 1st and 7th)

For insurance reasons, some details are therefore required, but these will be deleted four weeks after the trial membership if no membership is taken out. Participants of a first not-with-me basic course are automatically activated for an additional trial membership, so there is no need to fill in the form here.

Please fill out the “Online form trial membership” once. You will receive a confirmation from within 48 hours (please check your SPAM folder if necessary), as well as the login to book training under appointments, and all important information about the trial and membership process.

Alternatively, some clubs also offer on-site registration using the trial training form/taster card insurance. Please always provide an e-mail address, as we have an optimised and paperless membership management system (with the exception of membership contracts).

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