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Hybrid Hybride Veranstaltung
  • Diese Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden.

International Hybrid Dojo Training (1st quarter 2024)

So 10. März 2024_|_Zeitraum:_12:30 - 15:30

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Eine Veranstaltung, die im Abstand von 2 Woche(n) um 12:30 Uhr am Sonntag stattfindet und bis zum So 24. März 2024 wiederholt wird.

Eine Veranstaltung, die im Abstand von 1 Woche(n) um 12:30 Uhr am Sonntag stattfindet und bis zum So 4. Februar 2024 wiederholt wird.

Hybrid Hybride Veranstaltung

Sundays 12:30 pm German time | 2:00 pm Kenyan time | 5:00 pm Sri Lankan time - duration approx. 3 hours! In the book Wind by Miyamoto Musashi, it is described that one should also engage in other martial arts in addition to one's own martial art. This has been an important part of Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido since 1987, and the first international exchange took place in Kenya in 1990. The trainings are 100% free and voluntary!

# First 90 minutes of Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido
# Second 90 minutes Muay Thai Kickboxing

  • Who do we offer this for? For all interested foreign schools or clubs who would like to exchange martial arts and get to know Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido. The trainings are 100% free of charge and voluntary! Clubs from Kenya and Sri Lanka are currently taking part.
  • How does it work? You need a training room for the participants, a projector or TV, at least 24 inches, a webcam, a micro (usually also in the webcams) and jukeboxes, as well as a notebook, PC or similar, running the Zoom Meeting app.
  • How does the whole thing work? The training takes place in English and usually after German time on Sundays from 12 noon. The exercises are shown in different directions and you can support the participants during the exercises using a well-set webcam.
  • What do you need? Appropriate space and, depending on the training, a wooden sword approx. 1 metre long or similar, a short stick approx. 60cm and a long stick approx. 180cm
  • Please note! Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido invests time and money in this international project. Reliability and punctuality play an important role here and show respect. If you cannot participate, we expect a timely cancellation!

Clubs and schools from Sri Lanka can also contact Renil Fernando directly and organise the training!!!

  • Registration is via the participating schools!
  • Sundays 12:30pm German time | 2:30pm Kenya time | 5:00pm Sri Lanka time - duration approx. 3 hours!


Bedeckt 27° C 27° C | 27° C 6.23 m/s 81 % 1010 hPa


Ein paar Wolken 24° C 24° C | 24° C 6.39 m/s 74 % 1014 hPa

deutsch  67117 Limburgerhof

Leichter Regen 16° C 16° C | 17° C 3.09 m/s 90 % 1006 hPa
  • Sat 15. Jun 24 Klarer Himmel 20° C
  • Sun 16. Jun 24 Bedeckt 21° C
  • Mon 17. Jun 24 Leichter Regen 17° C
  • Tue 18. Jun 24 Bedeckt 27° C
  • Wed 19. Jun 24 Bedeckt 23° C


So 10. März 2024
12:30 - 15:30


World Tatsu-Ryu-Bushido Kai
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